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Can't add Facebook Page Plugin

08 June 2016 - 09:13 PM

I am using RVSiteBuilder version 5.4.26 through the cPanel with my domain host. I had been using a DIY template for my website but yesterday decided to create a new project using a template from the catalog (template 7-972). Everything has gone reasonably smoothly, except that I can't get the Facebook Page Plugin to add to my site. In Step 3 of the process, while editing my page, I click on the widget and input the URL and my desired width and height for the plugin, but when I click the "add" button nothing happens. I have tried various widths and heights with no effect. I have tried with "px" in the size and without. I can't figure out what else to try. 


On a separate note, I also can't figure out how to transfer my blog posts from my original project to my new project. In "settings", "system configuration" for the blog page I set my Admin Account settings to match what they were in my original project and had hoped/thought that would link everything back to my original blog, but that didn't happen. So then I thought I could export the RSS feed from my original blog and import it to my new blog, but my Serendipity Administration Suite only has an "export entries" option, I can't find an import process anywhere. 


Clearly I'm not tech savvy enough to use the build-your-own-site tools. Can anyone help me out here?