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In Topic: Cannot Restore Backup

31 August 2013 - 06:04 AM

Please submit a support ticket at http://support.cpanellicense.com , we need to login to your control panel on what we can do. Please provide it to us, and also specify project name and your current website (if it sill exits).

Thanks for the help. I submitted a support ticket & my missing page is now back on my website and the tab to it is back on my home page. The reply & fix was really quick & this is a good start. I have now discovered however that some of my other pages are also old & need to be replaced by the same name .php files in my backup. These were not immediately noticeable as problematic as a lot of the changes I had made in the past 18 months had only been in metadata & titles etc. I tried a test fix & cut & pasted... replacing a backup file of one of the problem pages into my home_html directory it was called Services-and-Project-Types. I checked & my site now is now showing this new file but as you can see if you look at other pages on my site it no longer is showing the normal tab structure provided across the top of the page as shown in my home page and the rest of my site (it was horiontal layout) but instead is showing what looks to be a default (simple vertical) tab structure. The links work but the look of the page indicates that something is missing. I intend replacing all my old .php files one by one just to make sure I am back to the most current version of my site but need to know how to fix this page layout problem before going any further. The other problem is my home page. As suggested, I tried cut and pasting the updated portions of my home page with code salvaged from google archives of said page but upon re-publishing the site the changes I had made disapeared & the code returned back to normal. Any idea how I can make those changes permanent? There must be something more complicated going on hers that I do not understand.... thank-you to the support team for their help so far.

In Topic: Serendipity creating duplicate Title and Meta data

11 March 2013 - 03:34 PM

Hi, its been 3 months now. Is this issue any closer to being resolved? The last Google page-rank came out & I dropped from a 2 to a 1. I have been working on my site adding good quality content on a regular basis for 3 years. I have had pageroank 2 from the first year. Now disaster!! I have done a bit of research on the matter & have come to the conclusion that having a hundred pages with duplicate title and meta tag content created by my Rvsitebuilder version of Serendipity may be the problem. I think all this was made worse because my CPanel recently included a new button marked SEO tools. I clicked on this which gave free membership to the use of a company called Attracta's xml sitemap creation tools. They email me weekly to re-submit & I have been doing so. The thought is that because i only re-submitted my sitemaps infrequently before Google may not have picked up on the duplication problem. Due to the ease with which the sitemaps are now created I have been doing this weekly as suggested by Attracta. I fear that this may have lead Google to discover the duplications and now penalise me. Is there a time-frame for this bug-fix you have promised as I really would like to fix this issue on my site to see if it is what is causing the problem.