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Version 11.08 is missing buttons from top of page

01 January 2015 - 12:49 AM

  1. The buttons for logging out of cpanel, etc, are missing from the top of the page of all my accounts after I updated to 11.08 this morning.  I can hover my mouse over the areas and see that something is there and can in fact log out if I click the last one on the right, but there are no images or text there for the buttons.  Please fix!  
  1. Also, every time you update RVSkin, the RVSitebuilder icon in cpanel loses the text under it.  I found that I can get that back updating all of my hosting packages.  This has been a bug for a very long time and we should not have to do this.

Don't ask me for my login info, because my data center blocks all IP addresses but mine from root access.  Just try testing your software before releasing it next time.